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By Jenny Brownlees, Dec 5 2016 04:26PM

Zanita Whittington is a personal style blogger and photographer. I'd read her blog since its beginnings in 2008, and two years ago I interviewed her for Playing Fashion Magazine.

It was great to talk to her, and hear how she began blogging and where she thought the industry would go in the future. I've included an extract from the interview below:

MY FAVOURITE CITIES FOR STYLE SPOTTING are Stockholm and Tokyo - both so different from each other but so great. I love seeing people on the street and the way they express themselves with clothes. In Stockholm, it's a polished kind of chic and in Tokyo, it’s wildly colourful and original.

I HAVE MADE MANY A FASHION FAUX PAS in the past! But that’s part of the fun - you can't take risks without getting it wrong every now and then. Most of my faux pas are related to really bad hair styles and creased shirts. I'm also a serial under-dresser.

Zanita's site has recently had a makeover. She's working with a team and contributors to create Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle content. The site offers great career advice, from pitching articles to starting a blog. Zanita i even going to begin courses as part of her new site.

Check it out here.

I hope you liked the interview, credits to the team below.

Photography by Tim Ashton

Styling Monique Moynihan

Hair and Make Up by Miriam Nichterlein

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