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By Jenny Brownlees, Jan 26 2017 04:22PM


I’m Anissa Meddeb, a 23 year old designer based in New York City. I was born in Paris but grew up in Tunisia. I returned to Paris to study History of Art and Design, colour theory and drawing for three years, at L’Ecole du Carrousel du Louvres.

In 2011 I moved to America and studied at Parsons School of Design. During my time there I interned for Marc Jacobs Accessories and ThreeAsFour, a group of Avant Garde designers. I studied abroad for six months at Central Saint Martins in London, as well as spending a few months in Paris, where I interned for A.P.C.

Upon graduating, I worked for Outdoor Voices. Most recently I’ve founded my own label of high-end ready to wear clothing, Anissa Aida. My first collection was Spring/Summer 2016 and I am currently showcasing Autumn/Winter 2018.


This collection is entitled ‘Africa through the looking glass’. The general theme of my work is to reflect the interaction between clothes and cultures. As well as my Tunisian heritage I have been lucky enough to experience living in a number of different countries, all with different ways of life. My aim is to represent a mix of cultures, ideas and point of views.

The inspiration for my Autumn Winter collection came from the extraordinary work of two photographers from Mali: Seydou Keïta and Malick Sidibé. They are both considered as the fathers of African photography. Through their lenses they captured the transition of Mali to independence and modernity. Sidibé particularly immortalized the “Dolce Vita Africana” of the 70’s.

People would come to their studio to get their portrait taken wearing both traditional African clothing but also fashionable European clothing of the 70’s. This inspired the cuts and silhouettes of my current collection.

What inspires me the most is that these two photographers were able to create their own world through their work. Through my collection, my aim is to immerse the wearer in my own universe, with an interactive relationship between African and Western aesthetics.


Intercultural dialogue is the guiding thread of my collections; I apply the same concept to the fabrics. All fabrics used are high quality natural materials sourced throughout the world, including Pervian Alpaca, English silks and Italian wools.

I am also continuing collaborations I started last season with Tunisian craftsmen, who produce my hand-woven silks.

My muse for AW 18 is urban, comes from all different cultures, has no age, feels creative and enjoys art. She/he is conscious that clothing is a way to express a personality and a lifestyle and is willing to question how we dress, and experience something new.

Each piece of the Anissa Aida collection is derived from a foundational concept, making it unique but wearable simultaneously.


Looking forward, I hope to continue pursuing my passion and growing the brand. I will debut Afria through the looking glass in Berlin on January 16th, followed by a model presentation at Fashion Scout in London on Friday February 17th.

Anissa Aida is already available in stores globally, including Utter London, Studio183 Berlin and Scandi Market. My wish is to evolve this further and eventually open a flagship store.



By Jenny Brownlees, Jan 11 2017 04:42PM

Every once in a while a label comes along that reminds me what it is I really love about Fashion Design; innovation, craftsmanship and passion.

I was thoroughly wowed by Noa Raviv's first collection, Hard Copy and had long bookmarked her site for #fashspiration at its finest. I gushed words 'love', 'obsessed' and 'oh my god' when emailing Noa to tell her how much I adored her designs, but it was all true!

It must be hard to follow up such a successful first collection, expectations are high. Noa has not disappointed, the incredible images above show her latest body of work, Off-line. There is a great fluidity between the two collections, you can recognise Noa's unique signature style but she hasn't repeated herself.

There are so many stand out pieces, I love the solid black looped lines against the lightness of the white organza. The garments scream newness and innovation, whilst still being ultra wearble.

I asked Noa more about Off-line, below:

I was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Anyone that has had the chance to spend time in Tel-Aviv will understand the uniqueness and complexity of the place. It is a mix between old and new, beautiful and ugly, intensity and peacefulness, that’s what makes it so special. It has had a huge impact on my life and work.

In 2014, I graduated from the Fashion Design Department of Shenkar College for Engineering, Design and Art in Israel. During my fashion studies I also attended classes within the jewellery design department, there I learnt the importance of research into materials, design development and a real three-dimensional way of thinking.

My previous collection, Hard Copy, gained exposure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Manus X Machina exhibition. It was entirely 3D printed, inspired by computer glitches and digital errors.

In my latest collection, Off-Line, the creative process becomes the work itself. It looks at the intimate details of the design process. The ‘behind the scenes’ components, often meant to remain discreet, evolve as an inseparable part of the work.

My sketchbook serves as a safe and private zone. It is a place where weird thoughts, mistakes and uncertainties can be explored freely. There they remain personal, not yet subject to outside judgment. The pages are where blurred and distorted lines can be created, relieved of demands for perfection or completion. It is where the hand can be shaky, affording every idea the potential to become a fantastic garment or trash for the garbage bin.

Off-Line is the first full collection I have released since relocating to NYC. As is every new beginning, it is uncertain and imperfect. I chose to turn my immediate, unfinished sketches into garments.

Choosing my fabric for this collection was a very intuitive process, it's about feelings and emotions. It might sound banal but I'm inspired by art, nature and everyday objects. I like to find beauty in the mundane and ordinary. Inspiration doesn't come overnight, for me it requires a long process of research, sketching and many trials. It is a lot of hard work.

For this collection I collaborated with Swarovski. After the pattern for a garment was made it was scanned, I designed the motif in a graphic design software. The piece was then sent to Swarovski's HQ in Austria. Here they created moulds according to the motif, and millions of Swarovski crystals were then placed. A small, talented team of talented ensured every crystal was in the correct place. The piece was then sent back to NY, where we applied the motif onto an organza fabric.

I would love any modern women with an appreciation for Art and Design to wear Off-Line. In the future, I’d like to develop more categories to my collections, at the moment I’m working on my next collection and I have collaborations coming up that I’m very excited about.



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