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By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 4 2017 10:34PM

Illustrator Ozlem Djafer turns 'Pop culture news into art as it happens' and I really mean as it happens. As soon as Beyonce posts an Instagram pic - you better believe she's drawing it.

The self proclaimed 'Andy Warhol of Instagram', she has already collaborated with Christian Dior, MTV and High Snobiety.

I can't get enough of her tongue in cheek illustrations, and cartoon / fashion hybrids. I talked to Ozlem about drawing in the Instagram age...

Hi Ozlem! Tell me how you got started with illustration?

I've been drawing my whole life, it's an itch and I have to scratch it, ha! I studied Textiles and Surface Design at University and that was mostly drawing. I created a 'fashion hierarchy' wallpaper that got such a positive response at the trade shows I instinctively knew I had to carry on.

What's the idea behind The Poop Culture?

It's a work in progress every day but my goal is to have a website that publishes articles about pop culture, topical news and celebrates inspirational people. Think Refinery 29, but with every story illustrated with my own drawings.

How did you decided on that name?

It came to in a 'eureka!' moment when I was drawing a couple of years ago. Initially I called it Fanatic; I hated it because everyone thought my work was 'fan art.' I wanted to change it to 'poopculture' but the domain and twitter handle were already taken so my friend had the genius idea to put 'the' in front - and here we are!

Who's your favourite celebrity to draw?

They are all my babies, I can't choose! I will say, the more interesting a person's features are the better. I hate drawing 'perfect' subjects.

Do you have a favourite piece that you've done?

I always try and make my next illustration better than my last. So I don't pick favourites ;)

Looking to the future, what's the dream for The Poop Culture?

To keep contributing to major publications, design multiple magazine covers and to work with brands on illustrated collaborations. I'd love to develop a product line that's sold worldwide!

Watch this space, I say! To brighten up your Insta feed, follow @thepoopculture on Instagram and check out the website, here.

All images are copyright to The Poop Culture.

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