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By Jenny Brownlees, Jun 27 2017 07:03PM

I created this £10 DIY Terrarium (complete with gold dinosaurs!) for The Debrief. It's such an easy and inexpensive project to spruse up your room.

Follow my how to steps, here

By Jenny Brownlees, Jun 11 2017 10:15PM

If you are looking for an update for your trusty black boots, look no further than my DIY mirror block heels.

This one is super simple to do. You will need two sheets 5mm mirror squares, available to buy on eBay. A tape measure, and the best, yet somehow cheapest glue around. I use this on all my DIYs, on everything from fabric to wood!

How to:

1. The sheets are bendable, allowing you to bend them around the heel and imagine the finished look. With your tape measure, measure and jot down the dimensions around your heel, including the underside, opposite the sole. Until you get the measurements right and align all the tiles, don't remove your mirrored sheet from its backing paper.

2. I know every shoe will have a different height and width, in general it's better to overestimate and measure more squares than you will need, it is easy to remove extras later.

3. The height of my heel measured 17 squares at the highest point, down the back on the heel. I tapered these down with the line of the heel on the side of the shoe. To do this I simply removed one tile from the top of each row.

4. Once you know exactly the how much of the mirrored sheet you will need, 'snap' off the unwanted tiles.

5. Add glue sparingly to the heel, the glue offers extra support as the stick back of the tiles themselves are very strong.

6. Peel off the back of the tiled sheet, line up and curve around your heel. Once this is in place, press firmly all the way around. Leave to dry for 30 minutes.


The photos don't do these sparkling beaut's justice. Head over to my Instagram to see a video of these babies in action...

By Jenny Brownlees, Jun 4 2017 06:00AM

The shining stars, if you'll pardon the pun, of Gucci's recent collections have been their revival of ‘granny chic’ oversized, embellished eyewear. From those yellow lenses to chunky 80s styles, Gucci has us falling for frames once again.

We got inspired by all things OTT, and decided to give our pink shades from ASOS Marketplace's Raw Edge Label a makeover. The best bit, the DIY costs just £3!

Read the tutorial and see how I wear mine, on The Debrief now

By Jenny Brownlees, May 3 2017 07:37PM

The slider trend was a good one for me, I'm all for minimal effort when it comes to footwear. I like throwing on my shoes, knowing they will match my outfit and that I can walk all day without being in pain by the end. I bought these black sliders last year, and boy have they served me well. Two holidays and miles of pavement pounding later, they're still going strong.

That said, seeing all the shiny new pairs in the shops, I thought they could do with a facelift. I wondered if I could find five ways to update my shoes with easy, inexpensive DIYs, and give my old soles a new lease of life. The answer was yes!

For all my DIYs, with a wide range of materials from wood to leather, I use my favourite glue, (yes, I realise I just uttered the words 'favourite glue' but trust me.) You can buy it for the bargain price of £1, but it's super strong and hasn't let me down yet.

1. Crystal gems, £3.39 for 250

The key to expensive looking diamantes is to buy ones in castings. There are so many options for embellishing your sandals or sliders. I was inspired by these beautiful Atiico Palm Tree Mules, and decided to play around with different shaped motifs. I cut a heart out of some scrap paper, using it as a template for my design. I loved the final effect! I also tried a circle and my initials, both of which looked great. A minimal amount of glue was needed to glue the gems in place.

2. Braided rope, 5 Metres for £3.99

You can buy braided rope cheaply on eBay or at hardware stores like Homebase or Wickes. The variety of bright colours make them perfect for crafts! I don't think the creators imagined them to be used for this purpose, but rope details have been all over the catwalk in recent seasons. I cut seven 20cm sections of rope, (you don't need 5 metres but that was the smallest quantity I could find) adding some glue to the end of the rope to avoid fraying. You could also use a lighter or match for this. Again, the super strong glue holds the rope in place perfectly.

3. Gingham Ribbon, £1.85 per metre

The gingham trend isn't going anywhere, an easy way to incorperate the trend is with this printed ribbon. I cut two 20cm sections of ribbon with fabric scissors to ensure a clean edge. Using the glue sparingly, I secured the two strips 2cm apart, which gave a great striped effect.

4. Rhinestone Mesh, £2.28 per metre

This black and silver rhinestone mesh is so cheap to buy, but looks so sparkly and statement. I bought one metre with 8 rows of rhinestones. If you wanted to cover the sliders entirely, you can buy wider strips, it's easy to cut the mesh along the lines, to fit your shoes. I glued my rhinestones in the centre of my sliders, leaving 1cm either side. Not bad for under £3!

5. Floral Gems, £3

These colourful gems give a real summery, girly vibe to my shoes. In the centre of my sliders, I secured 8 flowers, in varying colours, 5mm apart. These would be perfect for a holiday 'Instagram snap, just find a cool tiled floor and let the likes roll in...

I hope you liked these easy update ideas, this weekend why not try one for yourself?

By Jenny Brownlees, Apr 26 2017 06:27PM

Jeans; I love 'em. Skinny, boyfriend or Mom style, they are one of my wardrobe staples. I dress them up, dress them down and if it were appropriate, I'd never take them off.

If you too are a denim devotte, read the three easy ways you can customise them, with my DIY for The Debrief

By Jenny Brownlees, Apr 6 2017 09:10PM

Gucci mania has swept the world, every look on the catwalk is coveted and Granny has never been more chic. One detail I particularly liked was Gucci's revival of the neck tie corsage. Formerly only worn by OAPs, the accessory is on trend once again.

I think anything tied around the neck exudes elegance, so for my latest editorial for Sicky Magazine I decided to get creative with some ribbon in an ode to Gucci. The shoot focused on eyewear, little clothing was used. A bare chest made sure the glasses were the main focus, but the vintage style ensured the neck piece worked well.

I had two metres of lilac satin ribbon already in my craft box and an flower brooch bought years ago from H&M, both were perfect to make my corsage. I simply tied the ribbon in a loose knot to the side of the neck and attached the brooch to the centre of the knot. My brooch had a pin to secure. There are many decorative flowers available on the high street; this one from eBay is attached to a clip, which would also keep the flower in place in the same way.

The ribbon could also be worn in a bow on the neck, as a plain choker or tied in the hair, the possibilities are endless! The Gucci look featured above, with full corsage straps could easily be DIY'd to update an old LBD.

Have fun crafting...

Photography: Sophie Lobban

Model: Sif at Savalas Models

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