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By Jenny Brownlees, Jun 20 2018 01:42PM

You may not have picked up a glue gun since your GCSE art lessons, but believe me when we say it’s going to be worth getting in touch with your crafty side this season. So many of the key trends for Spring stem from traditional textile techniques, and can be re-created easily with the help of a lil DIY.

I've choosen the five key pieces to take inspiration from, and set out the easy step by step guides to customising your garms. Head over to Who What Wear now to get all the info.

By Jenny Brownlees, Jan 15 2018 06:09PM

I'm so excited to share the images of the DIY earrings I made for Miss Vogue! Each pair can be made for under £10, plus they're so simple to create.

The fact that you can customise the shape, colour and size of your earrings means no more searching for matching accessories - just make your own!

Read the how to on Vogue UK, now.

Photography: Jenny Brownlees

Model: Amy at Savalas Models

Make Up: Louise Brownlees

By Jenny Brownlees, Oct 7 2017 08:35PM

Tap into this season’s 80s trend and bleach your jeans to Miami Vice-esque coolness. The best bit? This craft project costs a mere £4!

Rubber gloves at the ready, it's time to give your jeans a new lease of life!

Read all about it, on ASOS Marketplace's blog now.

By Jenny Brownlees, Sep 27 2017 08:20PM

Making one of those trendy net bags you've seen all over Instagram is easier than you think.

Plus, it costs a measly £4. Four pounds people! I hear you non-believers saying, ‘That looks too hard to make…’ But it's essentially a series of one simple knot. So if you can get two strings together, trust me - you’ve got this!

Read the how to on The Debrief and let me know if you give it a go!

All images: jennybrownlees.com

By Jenny Brownlees, Aug 7 2017 03:02PM

I've got together with the folks at ASOS Marketplace to show you how to embroider your favourite logo jumper.

I know you're thinking, this looks too hard to do! But, it's made up of only one straight stitch. If you can thread a needle in and out of fabric, you can totally do it! Plus it costs less than £7 - bargain!

Read the how-to, here

Model: Artist Yasmin Jeyarajah

By Jenny Brownlees, Jul 21 2017 07:10PM

I'm forever 'loosing' my keys in the bottom of my bag, step forward - DIY Keyrings!

You can buy 20 blank keyrings on eBay for £2.29, so I think it'll be keyring freebies all round for your BFF squad.

Bead and Pom Pom Keyrings:

Wooden beads, Hobbycraft

Pom Poms, Hobbycraft

Wool, Poundland

A sewing needle

How to:

1. Cut a 30cm section of your wool.

2. Separate the threads, until you are left with a one thin thread only.

3. Double knot the end.

4. Thread your sewing needle with the thread.

5. Organise your beads and pom poms in order, and thread down to your knot. For the pom poms, simply thread the needle directly through the top to bottom.

6. Once you're happy, open the larger chain link that comes with your keyring, and attach it to the last silver chain.

7. Loop your thread into the last chain link and triple knot to secure. Cut off the excess thread.

Dinosaur Keyrings

Dinosaur toys, £1 for 15, Poundland

Gold Spray paint, £2.99, eBay

A sewing needle and nail scissors

How to:

1. On some scrap paper, spray each side of your dinosaur's gold, and leave to dry for 30 minutes.

2. Using a sewing needle, pierce a hole 3mm from the top of your toy. The plastic is soft, so it should go through easily. Use nail scissors to enlarge the hole slightly.

3. Attach the largest loose chain link to the last link on the keychain.

4. Thread the last chain link through the hole you created and use the scissors to pinch this closed.

By Jenny Brownlees, Jul 21 2017 05:08PM

I think this project is my favourite interiors DIY I've done yet! It's so simple, the rope is only £5 and with it you can make a bowl, four coasters and a pair of on trend earrings.

I loved making this for the guys at Refinery 29, it's one of my favourite 'daily read' sites, from fashion and beauty to current events, they're always on point with their fantastic content. Be sure to read my tutorial on the site, here

Model: Jasmine at Savalas Models

By Jenny Brownlees, Jul 21 2017 05:01PM

Who isn't in need of a gold dinosaur to spruce up their flat?

After buying a box of 15 dino friends from trusty Poundland, (£1 for 15!) for my terrarium project, I pondered what to do with my new found prehistoric mates.

Since I had some gold spray paint left, (everything looks better gold, doesn't it?) I got to work making these candle holders.

I bought my candles from Tiger for £1 each. I love the range of colours available! You will also need a sharp knife.

How to

Because our dino's were soft plastic, you could cut them with a sharp knife. If you're are made of hard plastic, a small hacksaw will work.

1. In the middle back of your dino (sizes and shapes obviously vary!) cut with a knife to make a one inch square. Though a circle would be ideal, we found it easier to cut out a square by joining four straight slice cuts with our knife.

2. Hold your candle behind your dinosaur and think about how tall you'd like your candle to be. Four legged friends can hold a taller candle, but go too tall and Mr T-Rex on only his back feet, would topple.

3. We made our pink candle 6 inches tall, and the lilac 4 inches. Cut your candles off squarely, with an inch at the bottom to spare.

4. Using your knife, shave the bottom of the candle down into a point, until it fits in your square hole. It's better for the candle to be snug than too loose.

Total cost = £6

These guys are too pretty to light!

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