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By Jenny Brownlees, Jan 31 2020 12:34PM

For years, how beauty products are marketed has defined what many consumers deem ideal or inspirational and, more often than not, beauty products and trends are imagined on thin, white, cisgendered people. Yet as a new decade approaches, what constitutes beauty is changing. It is no longer standardised.

The Government Equalities Office tentatively estimates that there are approximately 200,000-500,000 trans people in the UK but when it comes to beauty, trans people have not been truly visible, for example in global advertisements or on brand Instagram feeds – until now.

I interviewed five transgender women, to hear first hand their experiences shopping beauty - and how it helped shape their transition.

By Jenny Brownlees, Jan 31 2020 12:25PM

After experiencing severe acne in my 20s I was prescribed a course of acne medication, Roaccutane. The reported side effects, such as depression and extremely dry skin, meant it wasn't a decision I took lightly, but it did significantly clear up my skin.

While I didn't experience many symptoms whilst taking the drug, I didn't expect to be left with so many red pigmentation marks and pitted scars once the acne was gone – or just how much they would knock my confidence, like the acne itself.

To read all about the skincare routine that helped heal my scars (with before and after images!) Head to Refinery29 UK.

By Jenny Brownlees, Jan 31 2020 12:20PM

Fashion holds a powerful platform within society, with a historic ability to push boundaries and challenge perceptions. It’s an industry that’s wonderfully celebratory of self-expression - this becomes irrelevant however, if we only allow a certain spectrum of society to have access to it. There are currently 13.9 million disabled people in the UK and an estimated one billion worldwide, yet disabled people are often ignored in the world of fashion.

For Glamour UK, I spoke to some wonderful women to voice their experiences of shopping with a disability.

Read the full article, here

By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 6 2019 06:07PM

Your home is your castle and the place you head to after a long day, so it makes sense that it be a comfortable and relaxing space. Plus, the colder the weather gets, the more excited I am to stay home—chilled out, cosy and warm with our favourite face mask on. To create surroundings that are your very own little haven, you needn’t spend big. The high street is jam-packed with can’t-believe-it’s-not-designer interiors at the mo.

So many of my go-to stores: H&M, River Island, Urban Outfitters and more are now offering chic homeware without the hefty price tag.So if like me, you often gaze at influencers’ stylish bedside and dressing tables, wishing your own space was a little more put-together, look no further. I’ve curated the best affordable buys to create welcoming rooms with luxe-looking style and comfort. After all, a cosy room is a calm one.

Click here to shop my favourite homeware picks.

By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 6 2019 05:55PM

I spend a lot of my time poring over and writing about bold (and sometimes questionable) beauty looks from fashion week and Instagram, and makeup artists such as Katie Jane Hughes and Terry Barber are two Insta favourites who aren’t afraid to rock the beauty boat and push the boundaries. If you aren't already obsessed, Barber takes inspiration from mundane objects like kitchen sinks or cold cuts of meat to whip up all manner of looks, while Katie makes a case for vinyl orange lids, glitter lips and sunset eyeshadow. Neither artist conforms to the 'usual' beauty ideals we see on social media – there are no uniform cut creases or sharp winged eyeliner here. Everything is much quirkier.

I look at these creations in awe and am floored by the skill, creativity and effort. But after browsing, I put my phone away and apply the same 'basic' makeup look I’ve worn since my teenage years. So I got to wondering how the alternative makeup looks I’m impressed by would translate into everyday life. Could they inspire me to be bolder? Would I feel embarrassed, liberated, or both?

By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 6 2019 05:50PM

While an old T-shirt, mismatched shorts and no moisturizer might have previously sufficed as a nighttime routine, but as I near the end of my 20s it just won't cut the mustard. I've noticed all my favorite influencers have not only been upping their before-bed skincare game, but they've also been posting snaps of their luxe pajamas and relaxing candle set-ups. Personally, I want to follow suit. It seems evening wear (and, no, not the black dress kind) is having a moment.

By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 6 2019 05:45PM

I love party season, but am not a fan of the accompanying hangover. A late-night with too many refills wreaks havoc with my skin (dark circles, dryness, redness—the works). Luckily, I’ve found a few lifesaver beauty products that’ll come to the rescue when you’ve overindulged. Whilst you’re drinking water by the gallon these revitalizing, energizing buys will have you feeling better in no time (or faking it till you do.) Whether you have time for a shower, a bath or neither, your skin will thank you for the extra effort.

Click here to shop my miracle buys.

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