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By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 6 2019 05:37PM

My mum is 62, and I'm 29. Generationally, we have completely different approaches to shopping for skincare. All I know is that her skin looks so amazing that she's regularly told she looks younger despite never having Botox, fillers or the like.

e set ourselves a challenge: to step out of our set skincare ways and swap our favourite beauty brands. We’d each introduce one another to products we think we’d benefit from but never usually try.

The woman that taught me everything I know about caring for my skin (and everything else) loves a department store and is a regular at the beauty counters of brands she's been loyal to for years. She's found what works and has stuck to it. I'm more likely to shop my skincare online, happily hunting down a product because I liked the look of it on a beauty influencer's Instagram #shelfie.

Whilst I'm daring with treatments and trends, my mum's classic through and through. As an internet-dwelling millennial, department beauty counters slightly intimidate me, and to be perfectly honest, I’d written off more prestigious brands as only catering for anti-ageing customers. I naively suspected there was nothing there for my acne-prone self.

This was one Glossier obsessive versus 60+ years of skincare wisdom here. And whilst we definitely have different skincare needs, trending ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and A, glycolic and salicylic acids actually benefit both our skin types. For her, they exfoliate and rejuvenate mature skin, but for me, they encourage my acne-scarred complexion to renew.

I was surprised that quite a few of my mum’s cult favourites have become a permanent fixture in my makeup bag. (I guess that means she's right… again.) I, too, got my mum on board with some cult newbies. What made it into our makeup bags permanently? Click here to find out...

By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 6 2019 05:32PM

Despite the buzz around Primark's products, there's still a stigma attached to low-cost beauty – especially make-up. Sure, it's forgiving on the purse strings but are the formulas and pigments as good as those available elsewhere? Where do they sit in relation to the prestige beauty buys we return to for their reliability and, of course, shade ranges? Are they as inclusive as the brands we know and love? Intrigued by the buzz, which has only multiplied since launching its Urban Decay-esque eyeshadow palettes, I swapped out all my usual makeup products for Primark alternatives. Here's what I thought.

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 20 2019 08:57PM

If you have worn glitter eye shadow to death, rocked glitter roots and tried your hand at glitter lips, I'm about to let you in on all the new ways to wear a sparkling look now. Inspired by backstage beauty and expert makeup artists, these are the fresh ways you can work this glitzy beauty trend.

After all, a little sparkle never hurt nobody.

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 20 2019 08:48PM

Rod Stewart will forever be my personal fashion icon. Looking back at his style file—primarily his on-stage outfits with band The Faces (accompanied by band member Ronnie Wood) and finally, solo—you can see the rock star was never afraid of a bold look. The leopard print-loving singer has always been eccentric with his fashion choices and clearly gets a kick out of playing dress-up. He’s worn it all—crop tops, wild prints, metallic spandex, you name it. My Dad might have wanted to dress like Stewart in the '70s, but I want to dress like him now.

Head over to Who What Wear to see me break down his most iconic looks, including Rod-esque pieces you can shop now. When it comes to style, Some Guys Have All The Luck.

By Jenny Brownlees, Feb 20 2019 08:39PM

I’ve noticed cactus water cropping up on the ingredient lists of my favourite skincare brands of late.

We all know how popular cactis have become of late thanks to the greenery interiors trend, and anyone who’s suffered sunburn knows how soothing the aloe plant can be. But just what can cactus water do for our skin regime day to day? I've got all the inside info, as well as the best products to shop - on Byrdie.co.uk today.

By Jenny Brownlees, Jun 20 2018 06:15PM

Is it just me, or is Instagram full of arty flat lays featuring an array of tempting earrings lately? If your lobes are feeling a bit lonely, I've got good news - the kind of not-so-simple jumbo earrings you need are everywhere, and at every price. No need to shell out for a whole new outfit, just one addition to your wardrobe (if you have the self-control to limit yourself to just one pair, of course) can make all the difference.

An XXL pair can breathe new life into last season’s dresses like no other accessory. You may have tried tassels and considered crystals, but for this season, earrings are appearing even bigger and bolder. Nothing is considered OTT in a bad way, with oversized styles reigning supreme—the search term "larger than life earrings" is currently trending on Pinterest, with a rise of 945% in saves year over year.

You can shop my edit of the hottest earrings to buy, on Who What Wear now. Don't blame me if you buy 10 pairs!

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By Jenny Brownlees, Jun 20 2018 06:10PM

They say art imitates life - but in this case, it’s the other way around. Our wardrobes are taking a lead from the art world right now, its simplistic portrait sketches to be precise. I’ve noticed many of our most-watched bloggers and street style stars are adding face prints to their wardrobe repertoire of late. Call it the Luke Edward Hall effect, but this has happened in tandem with this Camden-based artist popping up on every fashionistas Instagram feed right now, and his work is certainly echoed in that of this fashion trend. Two of our most stylish ladies to follow - Laura Jackson and Pandora Sykes, have both posted the artist’s coveted ceramics and prints, providing both interiors and fashion goals in one swoop. Always appreciated.

Shop my edit of the best pieces to buy now, on Who What Wear.

Image one: ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Tee

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