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I Tried 5 Bizarre Instagram Makeup Trends IRL With Hilarious Results (For Refinery 29)

By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 6 2019 05:55PM

I spend a lot of my time poring over and writing about bold (and sometimes questionable) beauty looks from fashion week and Instagram, and makeup artists such as Katie Jane Hughes and Terry Barber are two Insta favourites who aren’t afraid to rock the beauty boat and push the boundaries. If you aren't already obsessed, Barber takes inspiration from mundane objects like kitchen sinks or cold cuts of meat to whip up all manner of looks, while Katie makes a case for vinyl orange lids, glitter lips and sunset eyeshadow. Neither artist conforms to the 'usual' beauty ideals we see on social media – there are no uniform cut creases or sharp winged eyeliner here. Everything is much quirkier.

I look at these creations in awe and am floored by the skill, creativity and effort. But after browsing, I put my phone away and apply the same 'basic' makeup look I’ve worn since my teenage years. So I got to wondering how the alternative makeup looks I’m impressed by would translate into everyday life. Could they inspire me to be bolder? Would I feel embarrassed, liberated, or both?

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