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I Swapped Skincare Brands With My Mum (For Byrdie)

By Jenny Brownlees, Nov 6 2019 05:37PM

My mum is 62, and I'm 29. Generationally, we have completely different approaches to shopping for skincare. All I know is that her skin looks so amazing that she's regularly told she looks younger despite never having Botox, fillers or the like.

e set ourselves a challenge: to step out of our set skincare ways and swap our favourite beauty brands. We’d each introduce one another to products we think we’d benefit from but never usually try.

The woman that taught me everything I know about caring for my skin (and everything else) loves a department store and is a regular at the beauty counters of brands she's been loyal to for years. She's found what works and has stuck to it. I'm more likely to shop my skincare online, happily hunting down a product because I liked the look of it on a beauty influencer's Instagram #shelfie.

Whilst I'm daring with treatments and trends, my mum's classic through and through. As an internet-dwelling millennial, department beauty counters slightly intimidate me, and to be perfectly honest, I’d written off more prestigious brands as only catering for anti-ageing customers. I naively suspected there was nothing there for my acne-prone self.

This was one Glossier obsessive versus 60+ years of skincare wisdom here. And whilst we definitely have different skincare needs, trending ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and A, glycolic and salicylic acids actually benefit both our skin types. For her, they exfoliate and rejuvenate mature skin, but for me, they encourage my acne-scarred complexion to renew.

I was surprised that quite a few of my mum’s cult favourites have become a permanent fixture in my makeup bag. (I guess that means she's right… again.) I, too, got my mum on board with some cult newbies. What made it into our makeup bags permanently? Click here to find out...

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